Benjamin Johnson

Benjamin “Bright” Johnson is a music producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA.  A drummer at heart, Ben was involved with many different bands and ensembles growing up in a variety of genres.  Following his second year of music school however, an injury forced Ben to put the sticks down and find something else to study for his undergraduate degree.  He was immediately drawn to the world of business and soon graduated with a triple finance major.  The fast moving world of derivatives being in full bloom, Ben landed a job In Chicago as a futures trader and dove in head first, a journey that led him to become a senior trader at the firm in 2009 after demonstrating unique ability to navigate the markets during the unfolding of the credit crisis.  He carried this role until 2012 when he had a refocus life moment and made the decision to devote his time to the creation of music and development of faith based artists.  

Though Ben had never stopped creating music while trading, this new found dedication to the craft was invigorating.  He began writing and producing with a lot of artists from within the church, both for worship and mainstream pop opportunities.  Hook sensible in every way, Ben’s work soon started getting noticed by labels and artists outside of his immediate world he found himself splitting time between Chicago, Los Angeles, and Nashville.  On this journey Ben met a young new artist at church one Sunday in LA.  His name was Joshua Micah.  The two met for pancakes shortly after and were soon in the studio with long time writing partner Joshua Schiffman writing and recording back-to-back #1 Billboard hits, “Parachute” and “Who Says”.  As the reach of this new project broadened, Ben started talking with Joshua Schiffman and Josh Lauritch about replicating this model of artist development under the umbrella of a record label and publishing enterprise and Hatch Music was born.  Ben continues to write and produce with his artists regularly, in addition to flexing his financial acumen spearheading business development and strategy for Hatch.