Joshua Schiffman

Joshua Schiffman is a creative entrepreneur who has spent the last 15 years growing his roots in the Christian music industry. Joshua first deepened his connection to the industry when he moved to Nashville, TN in 2008. It was there where he developed as an independent artist and songwriter, eventually landing his first cut with Capitol CMG (Then, EMI). Running parallel to this opportunity was discovering that Hillsong United would be performing Joshua’s song, “Greatest Love Story”, at their global youth conference.

As Joshua’s passion for Christian music continued to grow, he transitioned from Nashville, TN, to Chicago, IL, to help lead and develop the worship collective of his now home church, City Church Chicago. There, he was introduced to fellow songwriter/producer Ben Johnson. Their dynamic collaboration set the course for what would become Hatch, their faith-based artist development company.

The progress and success of Hatch paved the way for their transition to Los Angeles, CA. The location change enabled the company to work more consistently with major label artists, while continuing to operate in both Chicago and Nashville, TN. It wasn’t long after their move to the West Coast before Joshua and Ben began working with a new friend and artist, Joshua Micah. Together, they wrote, produced, and independently released “Parachute”, which, through a solid effort of team and fans, made its way to radio.

Word spread quickly about “Parachute”, opening up a monumental meeting between Hatch and CCM’s top radio promoter, Josh Lauritch. That meeting would lay the foundation for a new found friendship and partnership between Joshua, Ben, and Lauritch. What was once Hatch, had become Hatch Music; A fully operational record label and publishing company. Following their partnership, “Parachute”, and their next song written and produced together, “Who Says?”, became back to back #1 songs on Billboard’s Christian Hot AC/CHR chart.

From navigating the music industry as an independent artist, to now building an independent music company, Joshua's story of development and pursuit continues to expand with each next step of faith. Joshua currently leads both A&R and creative initiatives of Hatch Music.